Tips for Selling

First Impressions Count.

1.The front of the house needs to be clean and tidy, ensure lawns are freshly mowed and flower beds are weed free. Fresh mulch just before house goes on the market.

2.De Clutter – ensure the house is clean and tidy and welcoming, put trinkets and clutter away.  Clear rooms and clean flooring can make a house look more welcoming. A perspective buyer wants to be able to see themselves and their family living in this home.

3.Maintenance – ensure any little repairs have been done, fix that dripping tap, touch up the paint work, clean those air vents. Don’t overlook any item it could cost you the sale.

4.Gardens – A well maintained garden on a summers day can sell a property, ensure it is weeded, mowed and if possible add some colour for that special summer feel.

5.Let the sunshine through - A well lit house makes a bigger impression the lighter and brighter a house the better.

6.Its not all visual - our sense of smell can play a part on how we feel when we enter a house, if you have a pet or are a smoker ensure the house doesn't have an ''odor'', if possible brew fresh coffee or put fresh flowers around for a welcoming aroma.

7.Temperature - walking into a cool house on a hot day or entering a warm home when its cold outside is magical so ensure you have the house cool in summer and put the fire on in winter.

You must try to maintain a high level of presentation during the course of the marketing of your home. You never know when that call to view will come in.  A home that ‘’Sparkles’’ will appear to a perspective buyer.