Personal Buyers Search

Developed especially for our busy customers.

Let us be your eyes and ears: today's life for everyone is very busy with most of us juggling many different tasks every day, this makes dedicating the time it takes to find a property that you can make your home very difficult.  Its our job to know what is happening in the property market, too keep up to date with trends, houses just listed and sometimes those that are due to come onto the market.  All you need to do is speak to a consultant outlining your requirements and then sit back and wait for us to call you, we do all the hard work whilst you reap the benefits.

A unique service for clients seeking to purchase a property, especially developed for busy people who want to ensure a smooth purchase of a real estate property.

  • We do all the work.
  • Follow up finance & all documents.
  • Liase with settlement agents.
  • You make ALL the decisions
  • You get piece of mind.

Everything you could possibly want of a real estate service and better still….. It doesn’t cost you any more.

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